Explanation of each class

To help you decide which class might be the best for you, here’s a brief explanation of each class.


Sunday 7-8pm                        Improvers Ballroom & Latin at Stone Cross

If you have learnt some steps in at least a couple of dances, but are relatively new to dancing this is the class for you. Still concentrating on the basics of each dance, but having established short routines to get you up and dancing. It’s a great class if you’re returning to dancing after an absence and want to get your confidence back with more of the basic steps.


Tuesday 7-8pm                      Intermediate Ballroom & Latin at Herstmonceux

Our Intermediate dancers are able to dance any of the popular Ballroom & Latin dances at a social dance. Not necessarily getting everything perfect yet, but they are able to get on with it and have a reasonable grasp of the basic steps. A good class if the steps are starting to feel easier. We concentrate on not only adding more steps to the repertoire, but also on improving the overall style.


Tuesday 8(ish)-9(ish)pm       Strictly Ballroom at Herstmonceux

We know the Ballroom dances can be more challenging to make look really good. We also recognise that many of our dancers really do want to improve their Ballroom dancing. In this class we will concentrate on the main Ballroom dances of Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Quickstep. A good understanding of the basic Ballroom steps together with a keenness to improve your Ballroom dancing is all you need for this class. A really important class if you want to take your Ballroom dancing to the next level!


Thursday 6:30-7:30pm         Brand New Beginners Ballroom & Latin at Herstmonceux

This class is aimed at brand new dancers who have never danced before. This is the class to tell your non-dancing friends about! We started this class in January 2019 and although it’s not too late to join this class, we would definitely recommend bringing your camera, phone or tablet to video the routines to help you catch up.


Thursday 7:30-8:30pm         Advanced Ballroom & Latin at Herstmonceux

If you’ve been dancing for some time and know more than just the basic steps then this is the class for you. We’ll cover all of the Ballroom & Latin dances and in addition to going over steps we’ve learnt before and learning new steps we’ll keep concentrating on the overall style to make your dancing look great.


Thursday 8:30-9:30pm         Style & Choreography at Herstmonceux

Normally over 3 weeks, we teach a routine of interesting steps in one of the more popular Ballroom & Latin dances. We go over all the steps in each of the 3 weeks, but as our dancers become more confident with the steps we add little tips on the style to make it look even better. This class is aimed at any dancers that have a good grasp of the basic steps in the popular Ballroom & Latin dances.